Sad Tails

Sad Tails

The shelter is given no official funding to cover any of the costs of surgery, aftercare or food, but relies purely on donations and monthly “godparent” donations to help support the wonderful work and dedication of Ana and her helpers. You can become a “godparent” of a cat or a dog for as little as £2.50 per month. Please be kind enough to find out how you can help by looking at any of the following.


Killy is a 8 week old kitten. He was found next to his dead brother. Killy’s leg must be amputated. He is a sweet baby who did not deserve it …. we need help for him ….. it is urgent! His surgery will cost a minimum of 350€.


Mamy arrived at Bianca already in labor. Sterilisation at this stage was not possible. Days later she gave birth to 11 beautiful and loving dogs that need a lot of starter ration, then start eating for themselves. Mamy also needs to eat this type of feed that helps produce her milk.


Sweet and little Tomy with only 5 months entered with a neurological dislocation. After exams he was diagnosed: Avulsion of the brachial plexus. He’s doing physiotherapy, using massage to try to recover.
If you do not recover you will have to amputate the leg. This surgery will be around 600 €


Misty awaits the result of a specific analysis that tells us if he is hemophiliac. Everything indicates that yes ….. Its condition is really worrisome.
It means that it has difficulty in clotting the blood and small traumnas cause hemorrhages in the joints. As a puppy is and always playing his joints are permanently inflamed and swollen. You have deformed joints … At this moment you are not suffering, you are being properly medicated while awaiting results. If hemophilia is confirmed, a hypothesis is the injection of antibodies to fight the “bad” gene.
But we hope in early July to have more news, when we receive the result of the analyzes


This is Nolan who was found abandoned in the streets. He is approximately 5 months old and a sweetheart. Please help us keep him healthy and socialised until we can re-home him.

Five Puppies

These five baby puppies were found abandoned in a dumpster – their fate was to be left to die. Taken to the Bianca shelter in Sesimbra, they are now thriving.  Can you help with the costs of medical and food bills for such an influx of animals in one day?


This poor dog had been cruelly abandoned when it needed help most. There are clear signs it has recently had veterinary treatment as it’s leg had been shaved. A happy, placid dog, fully deserves kindness at this time. Establishing his health situation could be costly – can you help at all? 


This is Bilbo, yet another abandoned playful, gentle Yorkshire Terrier. Approximately 18 months old, is very sweet. Hopefully will not be in the shelter for too long, but meantime needs to be cared for – can you help even with his feeding costs? 


This is Cristiano, yet another sweet little dog abandoned and taken to the Bianca shelter in Sesimbra. He loves affection and being cuddled.  Can you help in any way? 


This is Georgina. This is the worst case of utter cruelty and neglect seen at the shelter in a very long time. She appears to be Sharpei or part Sharpei. When found in the bushes after being abandoned, she was approximately one quarter of what her body weight should be.  She was suffering from brutal anaemia, kidney and hepatic deficit, crusts from sores all over her body and dehydrated. Testing for haemoparasites, leishmaniasis and heartworm is ongoing. Obviously starving, her food is being increased gradually and she is gaining weight. Still has to undergo further surgery. It is obvious no animal should be abandoned, but this case of cruelty is unbelievable.