Happy Tails

Happy Tails

The shelter is given no official funding to cover any of the costs of surgery, aftercare or food, but relies purely on donations and monthly “godparent” donations to help support the wonderful work and dedication of Ana and her helpers. You can become a “godparent” of a cat or a dog for as little as £2.50 per month. Please be kind enough to find out how you can help by looking at any of the following.


This is Mirelena. She was found lying on a main road with a broken skull. Vets were unsure whether she had been hit by a vehicle or attacked with a metal object. Surgery and weeks of after care resulted in her kind character showing through and she has been re-homed in Switzerland.


This is Rikky. He was found on a main road, hardly able to walk.  It took 3 days to shave his severely matted coat off. He spent some years in the shelter but is now happily re-homed in Holland.


This is Santiago. His injuries indicate he had been struck by a vehicle and left to die. The xrays showed a severe impact. His broken femur was pressing on his intestines causing difficulty in defecating. There were sharp awns found in his ears, and through his genitals.  He was covered in ticks and had been eating stones to try to survive. This caused him to vomit up not just the stones but live worms also. He was one quarter of his normal body weight and had to have his strength improved before surgery.  Now happily living in Denmark.


This is Melek. This poor cat could only drag himself along the ground. He was under nourished, dehydrated, had infected eyes and fly larvae inside his anus. He therefore could not defecate. Gun lead was found in his groin but although it did not hit the spine, he could not move his back legs, one of which had to be removed. Even now, he cannot empty his bladder normally. The volunteer vet who worked on him has so kindly given him a home and helps him perform. Absolutely amazing.


This is Tarzan. When found, the vets estimated he was only two months old. He had suffered shocking damage to one of his paws and in extreme pain and trauma. Unknown whether this was a result of a car accident or a severe bite by another animal.  After very involved surgery, it took weeks for him to recover. He is now being looked after in a lovely home in Portugal.

Sjors and Gino

This is Sjors and Gino. These are the wonderful images taken of these two abandoned dogs which ended up in the care of the Bianca.pt shelter in Sesimbra, before being re-homed in Holland. This can only happen with the support of people like yourselves who send love, food and when you can, funds to help care for them. We and the dogs send you our gratitude for the lives they now have.


This is Star. What a difference your generosity makes. Star was abandoned at the Shelter in Sesimbra and as the photo shows, had an enormous hernia hanging from her abdomen. How could anyone abandon a small dog with this issue? However, with surgery, after care and kindness she has come through and is now living a loving life with a lovely woman who has adopted her full time. What a wonderful end to a shocking story.