About one third of the animals in Bianca’s care cannot be re-homed because of their age or ill health or simply because they are just too shy. Irrespective of where you live you can become a god parent to one of these animals.

For a minimum of £2.50/4 Euros/ US$ 4.00 a month you can foster one of these dogs or cats.

Your monthly donations will be used to buy food, pay veterinary bills and, most importantly, ensure that your sponsor animal lives out the remainder of its days, feeling loved and cared for.

As a god parent you will receive a personalised certificate of your new friend and

When you sponsor an animal, you will then become that animals GODPARENT. You will also receive a certificate (see sample below). All monies received from sponsoring will go towards helping with the purchase of food, vet fees etc.

Our TAILS category will be updated monthly with new animals who are still resident at the kennels.