Sponsor Friends of Bianca for our virtual Kiltwalk 2021

Pictured above is our CEO, Linda Allan, after completing her 5 mile walk last year on behalf of Friends of Bianca. Below is Linda after completing her 6 mile walk this April. Scroll down to find out how you can still sponsor her.

A message from our CEO, Linda Allan:

I am doing the Kiltwalk on the 24th April 2021 on behalf of Friends of Bianca to raise funds for the shelter, along with Dawn Watson in Ayr, one of our great supporters. As you may be aware, we have no scheduled fetes or shop to generate income for the charity apart from the kind donations we have recieved. Our only steady income is the godparents which the charity appreciates the people who support us in this way.

I am hoping you can give the charity a small amount to help out. On top of this Tom Hunter is matching money raised by 50% which is fantastic. If you can help and wish to sponsor me, please send donations using the following payment options :-

  1. PayPal – info@friendsofbianca.org
  2. via bank transfer. Bank Account :Bank of Scotland; Account name: Friends of Bianca; Sort Code: 80-22-60; Account number:10149463

I appreciate any help you can give.

Kindest regards,

Linda Allan

CEO Friends of Bianca

The Kiltwalk

Last summer, our Kiltwalk was sadly cancelled because of COVID19 and a virtual Kiltwalk was organised instead. This looks to be the same for 2021.

We will be doing our virtual Kiltwalk this year between 23rd-25th April. Please consider sponsoring us. All money raised goes directly towards looking after the animals at the Bianca Shelter.

You can sponsor the charity via info@friendsofbianca.org or via our bank account using the following details:

Bank: Bank of Scotland; Account name: Friends of Bianca; Sort Code 80-22-60; Account no 10149463

A big thank you from Friends of Bianca

On behalf of our trustees and volunteers, we at Friends of Bianca would like to thank all of you who have helped us throughout the last dreadful year, and whom we hope will continue to do so, by offering suggestions as to how to raise funds for the 500+ cats and dogs currently in the Bianca shelter which we support. The animals not only need food, water and shelter, but most also need veterinary care after suffering all forms of abuse. Last year due to COVID19 , we were unable to get out and about to raise funds and it looks like this year will be the same. But we remain humbled by the generosity of friends and volunteers who donate new gifts such as those advertised on our website and on our Facebook page. If you live within the City of Aberdeen, we will gladly deliver to you free of charge. Outwith the city, we will only charge the cost of postage.

These dogs and cats will have something to eat next week.

We, at Friends of Bianca, Scottish Registered Charity No. SCO 42783, raise funds all year to help feed, nurse and give veterinary treatment to 500 dogs/cats/puppies and kittens who are abandoned by their owners, dumped in horrendous condition. This year, 2021 may mean we will, for the first time, not be able to help as much as we normally do, due to the Corona Virus putting a halt to all activities where we, and other charities, will not be able to raise funds. However, we have arranged for 100 bags of food, 20k each bag, to be sent to the shelter from a local supplier to help. Can you help us in any way? Maybe contact us at info@friendsofbianca.org to find out how, or how to become a Godparent of a dog/cat/puppy/kitten for as little as £2.50 per month. You choose your favourite one and we will send you a Certificate with a photo of your choice with your name on it to show our appreciation for your kindness. On behalf of all the animals at the shelter, THANK YOU.