These dogs and cats will have something to eat next week.

We, at Friends of Bianca, Scottish Registered Charity No. SCO 42783, raise funds all year to help feed, nurse and give veterinary treatment to 500 dogs/cats/puppies and kittens who are abandoned by their owners, dumped in horrendous condition. This year, 2021 may mean we will, for the first time, not be able to help as much as we normally do, due to the Corona Virus putting a halt to all activities where we, and other charities, will not be able to raise funds. However, we have arranged for 100 bags of food, 20k each bag, to be sent to the shelter from a local supplier to help. Can you help us in any way? Maybe contact us at to find out how, or how to become a Godparent of a dog/cat/puppy/kitten for as little as £2.50 per month. You choose your favourite one and we will send you a Certificate with a photo of your choice with your name on it to show our appreciation for your kindness. On behalf of all the animals at the shelter, THANK YOU.