A Scottish charity helping rescued animals in Portugal

Bianca Associação

We are a Scottish charity helping the Bianca Associação, a Portugal based animal rescue shelter, caring for over 400 dogs and 100 cats.

Become a God Parent

For a small monthly sum you can become a God Parent to one of the animals who may never find a permanent home.

Make a Donation

Donate any amount you like through PayPal or gift items in need such as dog leads, food bowls and bedding.

Latest News and Events

Pick of the week!

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Can you spare a minute to nominate Friends of Bianca?

One of our volunteers has just nominated us for £1000 from ECCLESIASTICAL. We would love for any of our readers, volunteers & friends to do the same. Should we be lucky enough to receive anything, all monies will go to the charity to help pay for food, medicines, vet bills etc. Here is the link for you to nominate us:      


Ways you can help


Donations of any kind are always gratefully received


Visit the shelter and provide some hands on help


Become a god parent to a permanent resident