Gift / Buy Food

Deliver food from a local store

With around 600 animals in their care every year, the Bianca Associação is always in need of food and supplies to help look after the cats and dogs at the shelter.


In the past, we have run a successful Amazon wish list, where supporters could order items on the list and we would post them to the shelter. However, postage charges were  expensive, so we have selected trusted local pet shops in the area close to Bianca Associação where you can order food and supplies for direct delivery to the shelter.

Delivery Address:

Associação Bianca

Sesimbra, Portugal


Order from shops in Portugal:

Download the shopping list to see items in need:

Gift items in need

Bianca needs practical items like dog leads and collars, and would appreciate any donations of unwanted items.


The shelter is also in need of certain medicines for the cats and dogs, for a full list see here. If you are able to donate medicines to Bianca, please get in touch with Linda by emailing her at