Friends of Bianca offer substantial support to the Bianca shelter in Portugal. Every month, our colleagues in Portugal welcome dogs and cats in need of support, medical emergencies and vulnerable strays.


The number of dogs/cats brought in to the shelter each month can reach over 50, many of them are puppies or kittens. These animals really need your donations so we can pay for vaccinations, food and medical care, neutering, enclosures, mother and puppy shelters and much more.


Friends of Bianca is run by volunteers, so all of the funds we raise go directly to help the animals in need at Bianca.


Use the button below to donate through PayPal, or to donate manually, send money to the address:

Here are some examples of how your donation helps:

£5 can allow us to buy food and help pay for veterinary help.

A donation of £10 can pay for a puppy or kitten’s vaccine course.

£15 will pay for a vaccine course for an adult dog or cat.

£20 could pay for a bag of cat or dog food.

a donation of £25 can pay for neutering, helping to eliminate the issue of stray animals.

£350 is the cost of an additional enclosure for the shelter, we currently don’t have enough space for all of the dogs, meaning some have to stay in kennels but there are plans to build more.

A donation of £175 could cover half of the costs for a new enclosure.