Dogs in need of God Parents




IVA had a owner that didnt care about her. She was chained and crying all the time!
The chain was so short that she could not move….
Somebody called the police and owner was forced to give the dog for adoption.
Now she is in Bianca shelter waiting a home.
IVA is a lovely and amazing dog. She loves everybody and all dogs.






This wonderful face was abandoned in our shelter. He is so skinny that we initially thought he was sick but
his problem was hunger. It took him some time to gain his ideal weight.
Karo is a very sweet dog, very affectionate and friendly to all dogs and people
A lovely dog waiting for his happy day with his new family.






This lovely poodle was found on the road. He is completely blind and could not see the
dangers, he was facing huge risks on the streets…… Kor is a senior dog, probably about 16 years old.
He is gentle, lovely and very grateful. Kor loves to spend his day sleeping, He eats well and has alot of energy.
It’s very unlikely he will be rehomed and so he will likely spend the rest of his life in our shelter.
We will do everything to make him feel safe and happy.






Laida was abandoned near the shelter. We tried to catch her several times without success.
She then ran into the forest and disappeared…
Then we got a big trap with great smelling food inside and waited far away from the trap.
After 45 minuts she was inside. We were so happy
Laida didnt trust us from the begining. We can see she is a dog that had not a good life. But
with time she will understand we are friends and nothing wrong will happen to her again under our care.






Lima was found on the 30th May near the Bianca shelter, more specifically, in the back side of the Puppies house.
A volunteer that was arriving at the shelter saw her and try to catch. She hide in the bamboos.
The volunteer had to break through the bamboos to rescue her.
Lima is a very sweet and gentle dog. She was full of ticks and very skinny. when we first rescued her
But with love and care from our shelter Lima now looks amazing






Nicole was found in the street pregnant and afraid of everybody and everything.
The day after she already began trust us, and was so happy to be near people, jumping to
our lap.
Nicole is a sweet german shepard with lovely eyes, she always shows her appreciation to us for
her rescue and everybody loves Nicole






Rasta was rescued from a man that is always drunk. Unfortunately he didn’t treat his animals well.
Rasta was living in a small place where this man also keep chickens, together with
another dog, Vera. Both were 6 month old puppies when we rescued them.
Rasta was full of ticks… it was such a shame. Now he looks like a super dog, shining and happy.
We hope to find him a loving home soon






Regina was rescued by the police. She lived in a house and had her puppies in their garden.
The family of that house didnt want them, so the police was called.
Regina and her puppies were brought to the Bianca shelter. It was lovely to see her relationship with all the puppies. She was so loving and careful with them
Now only 3 puppies are waiting for a home.
Regina is now neutered and is ready for her loving new life with the special family that she deserves.






Tomy was found limping in the street and walking with is left front leg in a strange way.
So the person who found him took to the vet, but didnt find the problem.
This person could not keep him and called Bianca for help.
We took Tomy to the shelter and went to another vet. He said that Tomy has nothing broken, but has a
neurological problem. Now he is doing physiotherapy and if his leg doesn’t get better he will need to have it amputated.
Which doesn’t mean that Tomy can’t be happy as dogs and cats can live happily with only with 3 legs.
We hope to find a loving home for sweet TOMY






Vera is a sweet puppy who was rescued together with Rasta from a man that is
always drunk. He didn’t treat his animals well. She and Rasta were living with chickens.
Vera was full of ticks but now she is vaccinated, dewormed and neutered, just like Rasta.
She is gorgeous and waiting for a loving family