Cats in need of God Parents




Junior is a kitten who was found inside the motor of a car. The man that found him in his car, took him to our
shelter. Junior is gorgeous and so gentle. He loves people and playing with other cats.
We hope Junior finds a living home soon.






Lala is a beautiful but very shy cat. She came to us in September 2017 along with 2 sisters. The sisters were rehomed but since Lala
doesn’t allow anyone to touch her we fear she may never find a new loving home just like so many other shy cats at the shelter.  Please help us ensure Sweet Lala will always have home at the Bianca Shelter by becoming a God Parent.






This sweet and peaceful cat used to live on the streets. One day we had a call from a concerned woman
that a cat had a really hurt mouth. We found Lucky and took her to the shelter. She needed an urgent operation for a broken jaw. She’s sweet and gentle and deserves a family and a home.  She really is a gorgeous cat and now waits on the loving home she never had.






Mel was found on the streets with their new born kittens of only 2 days old. The photo shows Mel with 1 of her beautiful kittens. Mel is very sweet so we called her Mel which means honey. Only 2 of her kittens are still waiting for a home, but we believe these cute babies will get a home soon and hopefully Mel once she has been neutered.
She is such a gorgeous cat!






Mila was taken to the shelter to be neutered along with other street cats. The cats spent the night at the shelter and upon checking on the cats the following morning Mila was found to have had kittens. She is very lovely and tender. She is with us now in our shelter waiting to be homed. She is not a typical street cat and belongs in a loving forever home.






Mopa was found in the middle of the bushes having her 3 lovely kittens. She let us take her to the shelter easily. She is an amazing cat. Lovely, sweet and gentle. Mopa really loves people and we really hope she will find a loving forever home when she is ready for it.






Naomi was a street cat. She was neutered as part of our program to neuter street cats. One day she went into the supermarket Modelo and we had to get her out of there. We took Naomi to the shelter. After a few days with her we found she was a  wonderfully sweet cat.  Now we hope she get a loving home soon






Peny was found in the harbor with 3 kittens which were only around 2 months old. They were on the top of a rock in the middle of the sea. It took 5 hours to rescue them. The cats/kittens scratched the volunteer trying to rescuing them because they were scared and wild. Despite their mistrust the volunteer managed to save the 4 and they are now neutered and living in our shelter. We can approach them but they are still not ready for human touch. They are enjoying lying in the sun, happy, comfortable and save.






Peper is one of Peny’s kittens. He was found in the harbor, at the top of a rock along with his mom and three other kittens. The volunteer who found them took 5 hours to rescue all of them and was scratched during the rescue due to the cats being wild and likely scared. All are now neutered and living in our shelter. They feel save and happy in the shelter although they are not ready for human contact.






Tamara came to our shelter last year a very scared little kitten. Her sisters and brothers were rehomed but unfortunately Tamara wasn’t as she is still very shy so much that when we visit the cattery she quickly hides just as the photo shows. We think that unfortunately Tamara will never be rehomed. Lovely gentle little Tamara has a permanent home at Bianca shelter but we need help from God Parents to achieve this.