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The shelter is in desperate need of food and supplies to look after the animals in care. Find out how you can help by sending food from a local pet shop:

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We attend and host a range of Fetes and different events throughout the year to help raise funds, have a look at our calendar to see what’s on.

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If you are looking to buy something online in the near future, why not join Easy Fundraising and help raise money towards animals in need of your help? Companies working with Easy Fundraising will donate a percentage of the sale towards your chosen charity without you having to do anything.


We are a Scottish charity helping the Bianca Associação, a Portugal based animal rescue shelter, caring for over 300 dogs and many cats.


For a small monthly sum you can become a God Parent to one of the animals who may never find a permanent home.


Donate any amount you like through PayPal or gift items in need such as dog leads, food bowls and bedding.

Zola was abandoned on a busy road, with no regard for his safety, like so many poor unfortunate animals that end up in the Bianca shelter.

ways you can help

All of the funds raised by friends of Bianca go straight to the Bianca shelter to help animals in need. There are lots of different ways you can help, here are a few:


donations of any kind are always gratefully received


visit the shelter and provide some hands on help


become a god parent to a permanent resident

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4 weeks ago

Friends of Bianca

***Please help***

The shelter only has enough food for a couple of days, please help us by either of the below methods:

Purchase food directly for the shelter via our website at


Donate via PayPal account


Donate via our website at By scrolling to the bottom and clicking the donate button.Este é um apelo desesperado.
A Bianca precisa urgentemente de ração para os seus cães. Gastamos por semana 1000Kg de ração !!!!
Compramos da marca OKE. É económica e equilibrada para os animais. Só temos 4 sacos para amanhã, sexta feira.
Também precisamos de paté para gatinhos. Por favor ajudem.
É triste uma Associação que recolhe tantos animais mensalmente (uma média de 40 novos animais) ter de "esmolar" para os alimentar... Isto acontece porque vivemos no sul da Europa, onde os animais não importam para a maioria da população...
O nosso iban é o PT50003507710001636053029, para quem quiser fazer um donativo diretamente para nós.
Ou através do paypal:
Senão podem levar ração às nossas instalações.
Bem hajam!

This is a desperate request.
Bianca urgently needs food for her dogs. We need 1000Kg of food per week !!!!
We buy the brand OKE, because is economical and balanced for animals. We only have 4 bags for tomorrow Friday.
We also need paté for kittens. Please help.
It is sad that a Charity that rescue so many animals every month (an average of 40 new animals) has to "launder" to feed them... This happen because we live in south of Europe where animals do not matter to the majority of the population...

Our IBAN is PT50003507710001636053029.
You can also use paypal:
Thank you!

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4 weeks ago

Friends of Bianca

Don't forget this Saturday morning. Come and support us at the Airyhall Fair. ...

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1 month ago

Friends of Bianca

Hi Friends. It's getting to that time of the year again. We have beautiful Christmas cards available from the website or this page or order them via

Packets of 10 for 3.99. Postage is separate.

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1 month ago

Friends of Bianca


Hi All,
Well folks cannot believe that’s nearly three quarters of the year up already and a busy one for Trustees and the volunteers of Friends of Bianca. A look into what has happened over this period for the charity.
We once again thank you all for the support you have given the charity over the years and hope we have it for many more. Without your support we could not manage to support the shelter.

At this time the news is not good they have run out of food to feed the animals. A number of puppies, dogs and kittens have been dumped at the shelter which has reached its full capacity for intake.
What can Ana do it’s a very distressing situation. We as Friends of Bianca’s supporters can only do so much with the limited funds we receive, hence the new ideas to try and raise funds which gives our supporters something back for all their help. We thought the auction would do this but at this time it is not being supported and therefore, we have to decide if it is worth carrying it on. Our Trustees and volunteers can only do so much to raise funds and all help is needed, so come on folks help out and promote this well-deserved shelter.

We also want to start to promote being a godparent to a dog or cat. A fantastic birthday present to a friend for as little as £2.50 per month or for a child at as little as £2.00 per month. There will be new dogs and cats posted onto the Website with their stories.

There will be a dog/cat chosen each month and a video will be sent to the foster parent

We are posting a video each month of the animal that you kindly foster each month.
One of our good supporters Margaret Leiper was sent the video of her dog which was great as it lets you see what your money is doing.


The Photo competition for the portrait painted of your dog is kindly being donated again by the local artist Lily Taylor. Some of you may remember the beautiful portrait she did of the last winner, so a big thank you to Lily. The cost will be £5.00 per entry, per photo and the forms are available on the site and Facebook. We are running this until end November when a distinguished member of the public will pick the most appealing dog.
Come on folks get your dog photo in as all monies raised goes to the shelter.


We are delighted to be able to say we are in the shop for that week. We had the best week ever raising well over what we did on previous years. Already signed up for next year.

Well that is some of the exciting things going on with the charity over the coming months and it will be updated as we go along.

Christmas Fete
We are at Airyhall this year on the 20th October, from 10-12.15 price £2.50 adult and £1.00 for kids this includes refreshments; home bakes all variety’s and morning rowies. If you need tickets apply via and I will post them out to you. Or you can collect them at the door on the day. We need all the support you can give us.


At this time we have two Facebook pages and to make things easier for everyone going forward we will be using only the Facebook page “Friends of Bianca” to post things to. So please “friend” us to join.

We are happy to report there has been some work done on this and the ladies are at this time updating it. We will be, over the coming weeks, adding new dogs and cats for fostering so you can see how you can help the charity. We are updating all pages, so bear with us as it needs some careful adjustments. Krystal has updated the web page to show the fetes we are attending and you can also see this on our Facebook page.
Any new ideas send to – Henny and Krystal who are posting various articles, so if you have anything of interest send it to them at

Good Medicines

We have been so lucky with our vets in Aberdeen and with the help of them we have sent out a large amount of medicines and special food again. This has been welcome as the shelter requires medicines at all times. Therefore a big thanks to Audrey at Ardene Vets and Denise at Town and Country

We are always grateful to receive any medicines or doggy goods, doggy toys you have. We send them to the shelter as and when we receive them. If you have anything please email and we can arrange to collect them.

Any new Ideas for Fundraising/Volunteers

We are always looking for ideas to raise the much needed funds for the shelter and welcome any ideas you have. Please send them to

These are always needed for the day to day help at the shelter in Sesimbra, Portugal - even for a few hours
At this time we have the up-to-date calendar which allows us to see if the villa at Maria’s is available. If you would like to go to the shelter the cost for a room is very reasonable.

4 or more weeks 20 euros per night each or 33 euros for two people per night
4 or more nights 25 euros per night each or 40 euros for two people per night.
1-3 nights 30 euros per night each or 45 euros for two people per night.

You can contact us at and we will send our brochure and details of the villa’s accommodation.

We would once again thank all our supporters for the help that they give financially and via their time to make sure the money is sent to help the dogs and cats at the shelter, without whose help the shelter would not survive.

The Trustees of Friends of Bianca, Lily, Val and I, would like to thank all our supporters of the charity, without your help we could not raise the funds for Ana and her animals in Sesimbra, Portugal.

On behalf of the Trustees of Friends of Bianca charity.

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special thanks to

A special thank you to Audrey at Ardene House,Denise at Town and Country and Mr Swan at Swan Vets.

Who have donated a large amount of much needed medicines and special food again to the shelter.

It is on its way as we speak where it will make a big difference to the dogs and cats.

who need these special medicines and food.


We are currently enjoying support from a group at the Vet school in Edinburgh. Find out more about them on their website.

Thank you once again from us all.