a Scottish charity helping rescued animals in Portugal

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Enter our competition to win a portrait by local artist Lily Taylor. The portrait, measuring 30cm x 42cm (A3) and worth £500, will come framed and signed by Lily. Download the form to enter.

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The shelter is in desperate need of food and supplies to look after the animals in care. Find out how you can help by sending food from a local pet shop:

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We attend and host a range of Fetes and different events throughout the year to help raise funds, have a look at our calendar to see what’s on.

Easy Fundraising

If you are looking to buy something online in the near future, why not join Easy Fundraising and help raise money towards animals in need of your help? Companies working with Easy Fundraising will donate a percentage of the sale towards your chosen charity without you having to do anything.


We are a Scottish charity helping the Bianca Associação, a Portugal based animal rescue shelter, caring for over 360 dogs and 80 cats.


For a small monthly sum you can become a God Parent to one of the animals who may never find a permanent home.


Donate any amount you like through PayPal or gift items in need such as dog leads, food bowls and bedding.

ways you can help

All of the funds raised by friends of Bianca go straight to the Bianca shelter to help animals in need. There are lots of different ways you can help, here are a few:


donations of any kind are always gratefully received


visit the shelter and provide some hands on help


become a god parent to a permanent resident

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3 weeks ago

Friends of Bianca

The Portrait for Pets entry form. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Friends of Bianca

Remember entries are still open for our Portrait of the Year competititon. Enter your dog or cat or any animal as long as he/she is your beloved pet. Here's a lovely picture of our last winner. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

Friends of Bianca

Okay here's an idea for your next holiday - it's the 3 x 3 project. What is it? Well when next you are on your holidays think about volunteering at our Sanctuary in Portugal. You choose 3 dogs that need to be socialised, you teach them how to walk on a leash, get along with other dogs and people and gently prepare them for adoption - don't worry you will get help. So why 3 x 3? You choose 3 dogs and get 3 incredible results.

1. You bond with the animals.
2. You change their lives
3. You know that they will be adopted and going to a good home.

Contact info@friendsofbianca.org for more info.
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4 months ago

Friends of Bianca

Something to think aboutEVERYONE can make a difference 🐾 ... See MoreSee Less

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4 months ago

Friends of Bianca

Here is the last Friends of Bianca Newsletter of the year. Thank you to all our supporters, helpers and the very kind people who have donated to this very worthy cause.

Friends of Bianca wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.


Hi All,
Well folks cannot believe that’s the year up already and a busy one for Trustees and the volunteers of Friends of Bianca.
We once again thank you all for the support you have given the charity over the years and hope we have it for many more. Without your fantastic support we could not manage to support the shelter.

At this time the news is not good they have run out of food several times this year and it is a very distressing time for Ana and her team as they need all the support they can get, to feed the 400 plus animals at the shelter at any one time.
We also have some news to pass on to our supporters. Eugenia who is the manager out at the shelter, was in a very serious car crash on her way to see her husband who was in hospital. This left her with horrendous injuries; she has been in hospital for months recovering.
We have had the sad news that her husband has died of cancer after a really short illness and they are trying to raise funds in Portugal to help out the family at this time. If you can donate to info@friendsofbianca.org PayPal whatever you can spare at this time it will be passed on to her at this sad time.
As of yesterday the shelter is at full capacity once again and a mother and 7 pups were dumped at the side of the road where they were left to be run over by traffic, amazingly Ana got word and went and picked them up you can see them on our Facebook page.

We are really pushing the godparent facility as this is steady income for the shelter and it is a fantastic way to look after a dog or cat at Bianca. It’s a fantastic birthday present – and even a Christmas present - to a friend or family for as little as £2.50 per month or for a child at as little as £1.00 per month.
We can raise another 25% by completing a form to claim back Gift Aid which is a fabulous help. There will be new dogs and cats posted onto the Website with their stories.

There will be a dog/cat chosen each month and a video will be sent to the foster parent

We have decided if you contact us we can get your dog or cat video to let you see one per month, so please contact Val at the info@friendsofbianca.org who will relay with the shelter and get your dog/cat picked.


The Photo competition for the portrait painted of your dog is kindly being donated again by the local artist Lily Taylor. The cost will be £5.00 per entry, per photo and the forms are available on the info@friendsofbianca.org site and Facebook.
Come on folks get your dog photo in as all monies raised goes to the shelter.

Christmas Fete
We were at Airyhall this year on the 20th October and we were not sure how this would be with it being the school holidays but it turned out to be the best financial fete we have had therefore we booked it for the same time next year. Thanks to everybody that came along and supported us.

We had our AGM in November, and going forward Henny will be looking after the Facebook and Krystal will maintain our Website, this is due to both ladies having full time jobs and the split will be a benefit to them both. The Trustees thank them both for all the hard work they have done this year.

Good Medicines/Food/Blankets/Dog beds/Dog leads collars and various other items

To date we have sent out over 10 thousand pound of medicines to the shelter this year. Therefore big thanks to Audrey at Ardene Vets, Denise at Town and Country, and Mr Swan at Swan Vets.
We also have been lucky enough with kind donations to send out over 15 ton of food which was at the start of this year; there has been donation throughout the year with special food from our vets as well as that. There have been numerous boxes of blankets, special dog beds, collars and leads donated by our kind supporters. A big thank you to you all that have given us these items.

We are always grateful to receive any medicines or doggy goods, doggy toys you have. We send them to the shelter as and when we receive them. If you have anything please email info@friendsofbianca.org and we can arrange to collect them.

We are always looking for ideas to raise the much needed funds for the shelter and welcome any ideas you have. Please send them to info@friendsofbianca.org. We are always willing to give anything a try.


Over the year we have sent out many volunteers to the shelter to help with various tasks, we are always looking for more people, so please contact us if you need any information on the shelter. We are always willing to discuss this with you. At this time we have already booked people to go over next year and help out.
People are always required for the day to day help at the shelter in Sesimbra, Portugal - even for a few days.
At this time we have the up-to-date calendar which allows us to see if the villa at Maria’s is available. If you would like to go to the shelter the cost for a room is very reasonable.

4 or more weeks 20 euros per night each or 33 euros for two people per night
4 or more nights 25 euros per night each or 40 euros for two people per night.
1-3 nights 30 euros per night each or 45 euros for two people per night.

You can contact us at info@friendsofbianca.org and we will send our brochure and details of the villa’s accommodation.

A big thank you to Heather, Henny, Krystal, Sheena and all our supporters for the work and support they have given the Trustees and the shelter over the year it is appreciated.
I would also like to give a big thank you to Lily, John and Val who without their fantastic support I would not be able to run this charity.

We still have Christmas Cards if you require them at 3.99 per pack of 10, contact us at the info@friendsofbianca.org
The Trustees of Friends of Bianca, Lily, Val and I, would like to thank all our supporters of the charity, without your help we could not raise the funds for Ana and her animals in Sesimbra, Portugal.


On behalf of the Trustees of Friends of Bianca charity.
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special thanks to

A special thank you to Audrey at Ardene House,Denise at Town and Country and Mr Swan at Swan Vets.

Who have donated a large amount of much needed medicines and special food again to the shelter.

It is on its way as we speak where it will make a big difference to the dogs and cats.

who need these special medicines and food.


We are currently enjoying support from a group at the Vet school in Edinburgh. Find out more about them on their website.

Thank you once again from us all.